Loan Funding

In the ever-changing capital markets, finding a competitive edge is critical.

Grow Your Business

In the ever-changing capital markets, finding a competitive edge is critical. Climate Public Finance DAC DAC provides Preferred Partners with years of industry experience and expertise which will cultivate and expand its Partners' client-base. Potential fee-sharing agreements can also offer Preferred Partners with an additional source of revenue.

Role as a Broker

With no central exchange in the wholesale secondary markets, financial institutions need to find a way to find information, liquidity and anonymity for their trading activities. This created a need for Interdealer Brokers (IDB).

An IDB is completely independent and operates in the over-the-counter (OTC) markets. The broker provides potential borrower and lender in these markets with the necessary information they need to execute their trades. It means that the dealer can ascertain the best price available in the market which the IDB must work to find them. We offer 1% to 2% finders fee commission to our broker in every successful loan closing that would come from our broker's esteemed end .As the IDB has specialist, up to the minute market knowledge, they can offer colour to the dealer at any time. This means that the dealers save time therefore increasing profit making opportunities as a result of making more trades in a day. The service of the IDB can be the difference between completing a trade or not.

As this market evolves with the addition of new products and of electronic trading, IDB’s continue to study the needs of their clients and provide all the information and resources they require in order to execute trades in a timely and efficient manner. It is this service that has cemented the IDB’s role in the wholesale financial markets around the world.

Investor Relations

From real-time financials to organization changes, public disclosures and internal initiatives, our transparency in information sharing is what drives our stakeholders to further support our journey. Whether you’re looking for historical data, Climate Public Finance DAC credit rating stance, quantifiable achievements or any other documentation pertaining to assessing the value of CPF within the UAE market, all the data is structured and categorically divided under this section, to ensure all your questions are adhered to with ease and at a timely manner.